Cars motor through lives of local community members

Students at Sterling High School get to experience the chance to drive cool cars. These aren’t the cars people think are cool with neon lights and loud music. These are classics. Some that can’t be found anywhere else.

Cars that are made in the 1960s and 1970s are considered classics. Cars that are made in the 21st-century are not considered to be classics but will be someday. People will argue that old cars are more reliable than today’s new cars, but there is no doubt that the oldies are fun to drive.

Some students at SHS get the privilege to drive the old and fun cars that are considered to be cool cars. Most old cars are manual, which means you get to shift on your own.

This is fun. When you do it your first time, it might be hard, but when you get the hang of it, it is a blast. Old cars are fun to drive whenever you get the chance to drive one, go do it.

By the time you turn 14 or 15, you are already driving. Driving at that age is really dangerous. That is why when you are young you take Driver’s classes. Normally your school provides a course to take, but if your school does not, you can go to your local DMV. They will tell you what classes are available. The classes are not usually fun, but you need to take them because it will pay off in the end. You will become a better driver.

During Driver’s Education they will teach you the basics — like buckle your seat belt, no texting and driving, et cetera. These things you need to learn and do them. The stuff they teach you is for a reason. They don’t just tell you these things to say them. It is some of the most important things in driving. The reason you don’t text and drive is because it is dangerous.

When you drive make sure your passengers are not messing around in the back, this is a big hazard.

Drive safe. Now you know why you should go out and drive a cool car, and you also know what you learn in Drivers Ed should be used in every day to day life.