Debate team takes League title

People see Debate as something we’re always going to win, but the competitors here at SHS, don’t just win by showing up. Teacher Betsy Dutton year after year prepares her competitors for success.

“It’s all about dedication,” senior Brayden Hosman said.”Betsy pours her heart and soul into the debate program. Her years of experience are an asset to debate here at SHS.”

With 41 students out for debate, there is expected to be a drop off, but a drop off is the least of the team’s worries.

“With such a huge group, you would expect the quality control to go down, but we have had someone medal at every meet so that hasn’t happened yet,” Dutton said.

Year after Year, The debate team continues to win throughout the regular season, and the students thank Dutton for there success,

“Betsy really helped me and gave me all the neccessary resources that I needed to get through the tourneaments,” junior Preston Nichols said. “I really enjoyed all the games we played in class and the mock debates we did really helped all of us novices.”

Every year there is a fresh group of novices, and Dutton is always able to get them prepared for their first tournament.

“We have had a number of novices place this year,” Dutton said. “This group has handled it very well even though this is new to all of them, and overwhelming at first.”

The debaters who mentor the novices also seem to think they are handling this season well too.

“I think it had a rough start,” junior Sierra Emery said “But now I think they are getting it down and doing amazing.”

The Debate team took two pairs to the league tournament. Junior Edward Weiner and senior Hannah Hendricks were a pair, and senior Alex Veliz teamed up with Hosman to make the other pair.

“I was really happy with league, Hannah and I really complimented each other’s strengths,” Weiner said. “ Brayden and Alex also debated very well, and came out with a 3-1 record which was a very good, considering the level of competition.”

The two pairs finishedthe day at 7-1 and took the League title, with Nickerson being just behind them at 6-2.

“They all debated very well,” Dutton said. “Finishing 7-1 all together was great, and finishing first was great for them.”