Marketing Class supports football team

People Skills are something we can acquire by simply coming to school, but teacher Eric Wenzel has started to take matters into his own hands through marketing.

“I am a big people person,” Wenzel said. “ I believe marketing goes over the idea of making a product good for people.”

This will be the second year Marketing has been offered to Sterling High Students, and the class has already set out to do more for the public.

“I like it a lot because if my future career has anything to do with marketing, the things we have learned will be really helpful,” Freshman Garrett Sankey said.

The class has given away Rally towels, and Pom-Poms, and wristbands all by getting sponsors for these items.

“Everything has been student created, we started with some surveys of the student body, and then I let the class take over from there,” Wenzel said.

The class really focuses on student control as they go throughout each new project.

“I really am just kind of guiding the way,” Wenzel said. “They are doing all the little step-by-step processes by themselves which is awesome.”

The class has spent much more time contributing to the student body this year, and the students seem to enjoy it,

“Everyone notices how they put an effort to trying to get people involved with cheering on different sports, and helping with team spirit like putting up posters, and selling shirts,” junior Bethany Anderson said.

The football players seem to have take a liking to the support the class has shown to the team.

“I like that that they are trying to get more people to come to the games by doing give always,” Sophomore Blake Richter said.

Junior Brett Oden also had the same thoughts on the topic.

“I think it’s really cool that they are working so hard to get more people involved in our games,” Oden said.

Now anytime you go to one of the football games and see the student section with black bear pom poms, or someone wearing a “Straight Outa Sterling” hoodie, you’ll know exactly where the idea came from.

“I think everyone likes what we’ve done so far,” Sankey said. “I think that’s why we enjoy being in the class as much as we all do.”

No.22 Casey Duft walks to the endzone sporting one of the Marketing classes Rally towels.

No.22 Casey Duft walks to the endzone sporting one of the Marketing classes Rally towels.