Benefits of a 4 day school week

Switching to a four day school week would be very beneficial to the students and the staff. In fact, many schools have already switched from having school five days a week to only having school four days a week.

According to the Washington Post, almost 300 school districts decided to have their students attend school for only four days a week. The main reason the school districts have cut back their school days is because of the rise in cost.

AzCentral says that any schools that have decided to cut back their school days to four days a week have been able to save anywhere from $700,000 to one million dollars depending on how big the school is. This is a good thing because schools have to spend lots of money to be able to have running busses, feed their students, pay for their bills for electricity and heating, and so much more.

Along with saving money, the schools have seen their students performance improve. Most people would probably think that having a shorter school week would lead to bad academics for students. But in fact, studies have shown that students that attend school for only four days a week have been performing at a level significantly above the national average which is about 49%.

Students are able to perform much better when having only four days of school because they know that there is a three day weekend coming up. With a three day weekend, students would be more likely to get all of their homework done and not be so stressed about it.

A four day school week could also promote responsibility to students. Having that extra day off from school can teach students how to manage their time responsibly. During the extra day off from school, students could get all of their homework done and study for any upcoming exams. Then students can have all of their Saturdays and Sundays for hanging out with their friends or just to have free time to do what they want.

Having to go to school for five days a week can be very stressful for everyone. With a four day school week the students and the teachers stress level will significantly decline. Students and teachers can catch up on their sleep as well as anything else that they need to without having to worry about not having enough time.

All in all students will do much better if we had a four day school week. They will be more likely to pay attention in class because they know that there is a three day weekend coming. Paying attention in class with lead to better grades and best of all, both students and teachers will be less stressed out about school and because of that they will have better attitudes.

—The Editorial Board