FBLA looks to state

In its inaugural year at Sterling High School Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) will be taking 12 students to state competition on April 4-5.

“With FBLA everybody qualifies for state. The district competition is actually more of a run-through or a practice round,” FBLA sponsor Eric Wenzel said. “It’s not required by the state, but I require that anyone wanting to compete at state participate at districts as well. If they didn’t come to districts then they don’t come to state either.”

At FBLA competitions, multiple types of contests are available for students to participate in.

“There’s wide range of events. There’s a number of them that are objective tests based on specific events such as accounting and personal finance,” Wenzel said. “There are also skill events, which are more of your soft skills with presentations such as interviewing for a job. There are many opportunities for kids to plug into and meet with a lot of local professionals that are going to be judging those areas as well.”

Although there has not been a chapter of FBLA at SHS before this year, Wenzel said he was pleasantly surprised with the success at districts, but does not quite know what state will be like.

“I’m not sure what state is going to bring. I think there will be some very competitive events, but I think that we have some students that will compete at and near the top of the state level,” he said. “I’m excited to see how they do. They’ve put great prep work into it, and going to districts also is going to help them know what kind of things are going to be expected at state as well.”