Not another cookie cutter town

Alexias Rose

Since I moved here in 2011, I have grown to be accustomed to, and love, the tranquility living in Sterling brings you. I am happy and content with small-town life and all that comes with it, like knowing the faces I see and having a number of unique businesses that bring a significant profit to our community.

However, over the years, we have welcomed change, especially in this year alone. As a person who is meticulous about basically everything, accepting change as an actual happening in my town is hard.

One of the biggest changes Sterling has welcomed this year is Sonic. Sonic is a huge deal. Some would say that it could only be beneficial for Sterling because of the popularity it brings us, but that idea puts me slightly on edge. When I heard that Sonic was coming to town, I was initially pretty stoked. I would no longer have to drive 15 minutes to get a sweet peach tea with easy ice (people, take note). Why wouldn’t I want an easily accessible fast food joint in my town?

Now that Sonic is up and running and the newness of it has worn off, I’ve realized we are growing farther away from the small, distinctive Sterling we used to be. We are becoming just like every other town along the highway with the same businesses and fast food restaurants common in other Kansas towns of similar size.

Alongside Sonic, there are a number of other changes that are happening or are planned to happen, and the thought of them scares me.

The aura of Sterling makes me feel some type of way, and I don’t want it to change.

I don’t want my home to grow into what everyone else’s home is like.

Therefore, the further we go down this road of change, the more uneasy I become about accepting Sterling’s new atmosphere.