It’s your party, but you can’t cry if you want to

People are spread thin here. Almost all of us are involved in multiple activities, including sports, music, forensics, debate, scholars bowl, trapshooting, journalism, FBLA and many others.

So it doesn’t give any of us the right to throw a pity party.

Now, this might come across as a little harsh, but it’s something I feel that I need to get off my chest.

If you ever want to get on my nerves, just stand next to me and complain about how hard your life is because you have to go to practice and do homework every night.

There are people in this world that have three jobs, a house to clean, laundry to do, kids to take care of, and their own health to worry about.

Chances are, you and your life as a high school student in Sterling is pretty easy compared to a majority of people in our world.

If you’re overwhelmed with all of the stuff you have to do, you have a two choices. One, choose to not be involved in more than you can handle. Or two, suck it up.

Next time you’re feeling sorry for yourself because you had to stay up late to do your algebra homework, just think about those choices. No matter what you do, a pity party isn’t an option.

I know people that work 60 hours a week at a minimum wage job just to take care of their children and don’t complain about it for one second.

If you’re overwhelmed, don’t whine about it. Fix it.

Everything is a choice. Mr. Richter taught me that in economics.

Make a choice that is right for you, and if you make the wrong one, it’s your own fault.

Your life is your party, but you can’t cry if you want to. Suck it up or change it.