The 6th [Wo]man

Take a walk towards the high school locker rooms on any given day and you will likely see a swarm of athletes waiting for one person. Lori Dauer.

Trainer, tape expert, ankle specialist; Call her what you will, but Lori is more than just the woman behind the scenes, she is “The 6th [Wo]man.”

“I like helping people. It sounds really cliche but it’s totally true,” Dauer said. “I get to be around sports all day and help people. That’s why I chose athletic training.”

With her love for helping people and sports driving her passion for athletic training, Dauer has spent the last year and a half covering every sporting even that takes place at SHS, and she’s loved every minute of it.

“I was actually surprised at how much I like it in the high school,” Dauer said. “I really love it.”

Dauer’s knowledge of her field and experience in high school and college sports have made her a favorite among students.

To her own surprise, Lori says that being around high school kids every day is one of her favorite things about being at SHS.

“As an athletic trainer, you’re there for the whole process,” Dauer said. “It’s not just this random kid. You have a personal relationship with your athletes. You don’t just send them on their way and forget about them. When I see a kid that I talk to every day and really get to know go down with a season-ending injury, that’s really hard for me.”

Although Dauer is loving the little, hot room down the band hallway, she says she also wants to explore other options.

“I’ve been very interested in a more clinical route. I would like to pursue it,” she said. “It will obviously depend on what opens up, but I’m also interested in teaching, so I’ll look at that too.”