Spring sports underway with goal-setting

Freshman Lauren Frederick practices catching at softball practice on March 8.

Within sports often there is an individual and team goal that is made every season. Each goal amongst the athletes are either relationship goals within the teams, or for their own benefits. After three second place finishes, and a fourth place finish at state last year Junior Lucas Weigal had this to say discussing the golf season.

“ We are hoping to achieve the title of going to state as a team,” Weigel said. “ We have a lot of young players that are going to do well.”

Similar to the golf team, the tennis team is also looking forward to competing at state.

“My personal goal is to possibly to make it to state, because I did not get that opportunity last year,” sophomore Brett Riffel said.

Going to state isn’t the only goals these athletes have, junior Kelsie Boeken has a individual goal that reaches out to the girls on the softball team.

“Growing as a team, family, and to make one another better to help form bonds between each other and being a team as a whole and not individually is my biggest goal this season,” Boeken said.

Overall, spring sport athletes hope to achieve their set goals this season. Sophomore Ashlyn Kelley made state last year, and had this to say about her goals.

“I want to build relationships and bond with the lower classmen and have a role model aspect for the young girls, because that helped me coming into track season last year,” sophomore Ashlyn Kelley said.