Just horsing around

Senior Elise Kelley poses with clay scale model of a horse for her senior project along with the help of Clelia McCrory and Dan Whisler.

Senior creates hands on mannequin for senior project

Career Education/KS EbD State Director Clelia McCrory last spring was in need of a Senior to build a clay scale model. Unsure of who would follow through with her idea, she got into contact with teacher Dan Whisler. It all began when McCrory and Dan Whisler collaborated with Kelley to possibly follow through with the idea of making the mannequin.

“I went to Dan in hope of finding someone who would be willing to do this project and he thought Elise would be very fitting for the position,” McCrory said.

McCrory believed it would help Kelley and her senior project options.

“She developed some clay anatomy activity samples of horse, cow, and pig anatomy that were used for teachers to replicate during her workshop that can also be utilized to enhance the future repeated,” McCrory said.

McCrory’s drive to do the project had more than one audience.

“Agriculture teachers and other animal science teachers had expressed the desire to acquire some hands-on animal anatomy activities that they could do with their secondary level students in their classrooms,” McCrory said. “Learning by doing activities make the learning concepts more real-world and relevant for students.”

Not only was this a learning experience for Kelley but for McCrory too.

“I was learning new information just as much as Elise was and it was a great experience,” McCrory said.

McCrory has been helping schools all around Kansas improve vocational education and while being apart of ESSDACK staff one of the requirements for Kelley’s project was to present her mannequin.

“I presented my senior project to seven other teachers at ESSDACK in Hutchinson along with Clelia, and I found that very stressful,” Kelley said.

Kelley acquired the horse mannequin from science teacher Dan Whisler, who was alongside her throughout the process, it was just meant to be a muscle diagram but was more complex by the final production of the project.

“On the horse mannequin I built the eye, kidney, nephron, heart,and the digestive system; pig, cow, and horse,” Kelley said.

Although the process was very time consuming Kelley expresses her feelings throughout the journey.

“Building the mannequin was the most enjoyable part for me but definitely the most stressful part was the presentation,” Kelley said.

Not only was Kelley satisfied with the turnout of the project, so was McCrory.

“I was very satisfied with Elise’s execution of her senior project,” McCrory said “She put in a lot of extra effort into the workshop development and learning-by-doing animal anatomy project which resulted in a GREAT workshop for the teachers that attended.”