Black Bear Experience: A uniquely memorable time for me, students

Seniors Lindsay Gilmore and Will Dutton


As students of Sterling High School we unnecessarily overlook the warm, loving atmosphere our school has developed over the years.

If I’m being completely honest it probably won’t really hit my fellow senior classmates and I that we miss it until we are reminiscing about our time here next fall.

Thinking about it right now leads me to wonder what made my time, as well as that of many others, a special experience in our lives.

In just a few words, I would describe this phenomenon as the following: authentic relationships, a strong support system beginning with  faculty and continuing with the students, and a sense of pride about those who have gone before us to become successful adults in the real world.

My view is the first characteristic is the one enabling the other two. At Sterling, we care for each other inside and outside the hallways.

From a young age, our grade school teachers showed their love for us. We might not have understood the small talk they were making with us then, but today it resonates with me. Not only did our teachers make relationships with us, they also made sure we were striving to do our best.

At larger schools around the country I’m confident you wouldn’t find a teacher watching an event in person or online if they weren’t somehow connected with it. Here at Sterling, it’s the norm.

Reading parties were fun in grade school, but it wasn’t until high school I understood the sheer amount of energy needed to contain our grade-school zest. Teachers gave us an incentive to work hard and expand our reading abilities.

Finally, attending graduation at the end of each school year routinely reminds me how successful our students are.

For many years I’ve listened to Dr. Anderson speak about how proud and confident he is our students have the ability to make a positive impact in the real world after they finish here. These halls are definitely a place where students have a unique opportunity to mature and grow.

These are just a few reasons why I thank God I am, and will always be a Sterling Black Bear.