Thank you, Sterling: Appreciative of experiences from small-town evironment

Seniors Lindsay Gilmore and Will Dutton

Sterling, Kansas is my home. I have not lived in Sterling my whole life, but the minuscule amount of time I spent in other places is forgettable when compared to this little speck on the map.

What makes Sterling so special to me is the relationships and connections that I have made not only in school, but in the community.

There have been very few times that I walk by someone on the street and they do not wave and ask me how I am.

The community members of Sterling do not hesitate when someone is in need, or in trouble. Many come together to raise money and show support for a plethora of causes.

When 15-year-old Jacob den was killed in a car accident this past August, more than 10,000 dollars were raised on a GoFundMe page within three months by Sterling community members and those who heard about it through Sterling community members.

Those are the kinds of things that don’t happen everywhere. They don’t happen hardly anywhere, really.

I am aware that people from some towns talk about Sterling’s “snottyness” and say that we “think they are better than everyone else” but those things are not true.

We simply hold ourselves to high standards, and a majority of people in town keep morals that make Sterling one of the best places to live, in my opinion.

Sterling is unforgettable. The Old Fashioned Fourth of July, Warrior Fest, basketball games in the winter, Graduation that packs our gym every year, people who wave to you as you pass them in a car even if you don’t know who it is. That’s just Sterling.

I will never forget my hometown or the people who helped shape me into the person I am today.

I am scared to think about how different I might be if I grew up in a town less supportive and filled with tradition.

As I continue my journey through life — college, a career and a family — I hope to end up in a town like Sterling again.

I think most people who know about the Sterling experience should want the same thing.