Be The One

Themes are a well known thing. You have themed proms and birthday parties, but what about a team theme? The Sterling High School volleyball team came up with three words that would mean something to them, “Be The One.”

“To me it means stepping up in hard situations and following through. I always try to be the one to score the next point. I hope that the younger girls will take it and use it to make them better. I want them to use it in sports and in life,” senior Camille Schweizer said.

On top of stepping up during a match, the seniors also were expected to “Be The One” before the season started.

“I was expecting a lot of respect and support from the seniors. Respect because we are new and had things to learn. I was excited for feedback from the seniors and upperclassmen in general. So far my experience has been good. The seniors can be serious and funny at the same time,” freshman Karlie Boeken said.

Each player has a different meaning for the team theme.

“I think that when we are down and lost a few points, somebody on the team can bring everybody up and get us back on track,” sophomore Shelby Drier said.

Some people were not fortunate enough to play the entire season. Junior Grace Rowland was only able to play four matches due to an injury.

“I have been trying to encourage people and cheer them on since I have been hurt. I think that you don’t have to be playing to use the theme. I think that you, and others, can benefit from everybody being encouraging,” Rowland said.

Be The One isn’t only applied by players, but also by the coaches,

“It means that you are the one that steps up, so as a player that could be a lot of things. During the game and during practice it could be making the big play or saying the encouraging word. As an assistant coach it could be the encouraging word that the player needs or being willing to do what the head coach asks me,” said Wendy Calderwood, c-team coach.