Freedom of the Written Word

Christianity has been an apparent aspect in Sterling High School for many years as coaches continue to put passages of scripture on the backs of shirts and the freedom to talk about Jesus in classrooms. Among this, a problem arises as it is against school policy to express this in a non independent manner. In my opinion, I believe that we should be able to express this regardless of the policy. With our new Superintendent Jim Goracke in place, he believes that the policy should be followed as he is more worried about this than our student beliefs. We’ve been able to show our religion freely for many years, so why change it now?

On the flip side, if there ever was a complaint from a parent about it, then it no longer is allowed, but if everyone is on board and okay with it, then I believe it should be given authorization. Even though our school isn’t classified as a “christian” school, we always have been by nature.The majority of Sterling’s community has always been religious in the christian aspects and it then later rubs off in our educational institutions as we go to a small school. For example, Sterling is well known for Sterling Services Call Center which allows people to call in and receive prayers for their daily struggles. Religion is everywhere in this town and in a way defines who we are as a community.

We never force our religion upon students who don’t believe, but we do enjoy showing our love for Jesus in sports. For example, teams always pray before they leave for away games and if anyone doesn’t want to, they are free to not pray or even leave the bus. Teams also enjoy putting passages of scripture on the backs of warmup shirts in order to show their faith on the court or field. Many students feel the importance of Jesus as it helps them excel in sports and their academics for they rely on the power of Christ.