Why Class Leadership Matters

My freshman year I had the opportunity to take part in class leadership conferences once every three months. The conferences held anywhere from 10-20 students from three different schools, Nickerson, Chase and Sterling. The meetings usually consist of icebreaker games, discussions about our schools, and planning on what we would bring back to the school.

Most people dreaded the thought of having to go out and interact with strangers, but I looked forward to this. I enjoyed talking to people from different schools and learning about how things were going over there. Learning how different schools function and what makes it works gave a different point of view. It also gave me an insider view of the students from some of our “rival” schools.

I definitely learned a great deal at these conferences. One of my favorite activities was determining what good traits and bad traits our schools have. This part was interesting because it required us to own up to some of the negative traits our school has, rather than being prideful over the better traits. Don’t get me wrong, our school has great opportunities and we excel in many events, but we are not perfect.

Going to these meetings gives you an idea of what impact you want to leave on the school. I know that I want to spread positivity and change the way people see things. I don’t want to go to a school where people are negative and judge others, I want to spend my next three years in an environment that encourages others and sees being a positive influence as the new “cool.” If we stop worrying so much about how others see us, then we can spend more time doing the things we love.

Class leadership is important because it starts the positive revolution we need to change the school for the better. If other people see the leaders of the school distributing encouragement, they will want to as well.