New Industrial Arts Teacher Debuts at SHS

New industrial arts teacher Joshua Pounds shows Anthony Karraker one of AutoCAD many features.

As a new year rolls in it’s not the only thing that’s new, last year Keith Patterson retired after 26 years of service and experience and left a void that was filled by Joshua Pounds, Industrial Arts Teacher.

Pounds hails from Concordia to teach a variety of classes.

“I teach Woodworking, Drafting, Cabinet Making, and Industrial Technology,” Pounds said. “This is my first year teaching I just graduated from Fort Hays this last May.”

Being new in town is not always the easiest thing and most have some level of difficulty with the people but the same cannot be said for Pounds.

“The people are down to earth and caring, “Pounds said,” They’re not about themselves and being the new person they welcomed me with open arms.”

When choosing a line of work most people choose a career that they are passionate about and love to do, and Pounds is no different,”I get to work in a woodshop doing what I love, building stuff and teaching the students to build what I know.” Pounds said,”I’m a hands-on person and I’ve always liked to build things in the woodshop, ”

As well as having a love for woodworking he also had some influence by his parents.

“My dad is a teacher for Cloud Community College and has been there for forty years, and my mom works at the county treasurer office in Cloud County,” Pounds said,”Education has been in my blood just not at the High School level.”

He’s willing to teach his students and share his knowledge and skills that he has gone to school to learn and share his interest in woodworking.

“I’ll be excited when we get in the workshop to see their skills,” Pounds said. “Ever since I was in the 8th grade I loved working in woodshop, it was in my blood.”