Music is Very Important for Dancing


Have you ever been to a school dance? What did you think about the music? I really dislike my school’s music selection because all they ever play is pop, rap, and country. Sometimes there is always the occasional old rock songs they play, but in my opinion it ruins the song when everyone sings along with it.

People who know me know I love hard rock. I would love if we had some rock incorporated into the music selections for our dance. This doesn’t mean only play rock music, but instead play all genres. I’m surely not the only person who thinks this.

Freshman Christina Voth said” I wish the school would play more rock music at the dances!” I learned that I’m definitely not the only person who hates the dances music. People will be crowded on the sides of the dance floor just standing there. I’m not christian, but I’m definitely not willing to dance like some people. It is usually the same people who do these things, and it makes people like me really uncomfortable. Every time I show up at the dance, I tell myself to think positively. I’m a negative person in general, what can I say? I always hope they don’t play the same music that they play at every single other dance, but when I show up and hear almost the same exact playlist I get disappointed. I don’t even know over half of the songs they play, and I get even more disappointed when I hear the lyrics. I typically don’t mind cussing at all, but school events and cursing don’t mix. It makes me think less of the school.