Bring back BFS back to SHS

This summer our weight program had a big change, rather than going straight into weights and doing heavy lifting we’re starting in body weight. Annoyingly we do bodyweight workouts for two weeks before we’re even considered to begin ‘Novice’ lifting. With that being said, when you begin to do ‘Novice’ lifting it begins are square one, lifting 5 pounds more that the last time an individual has lifted. The process is slow and seeing any sort of progress is almost impossible to see, especially after coming out of ‘Body Weight’ lifting workouts. Technique is important and that is what Black Bear Power specializes in. The Black Bear Power Program should be moved to Jr. High weight classes to help incoming kids learn proper form, which would allow those students to come into high school knowing the correct technique. With that, it allows students to lift weights that they are fully capable lifting without having a starting weight of 15 pounds. Body weight has disadvantages that can cause issues with an individual’s body. Lunges can easily irritate the fluid sac above the patella and can cause extreme pain in the knee. Duck-walks are tough on your knees and can cause stress on ligaments and cartilage in the knee and this exercise doesn’t necessarily accomplish anything according to Men’s Fitness. Plyometrics also cause an issue for your knees, the impact from running and jumping can accelerate the arthritis process in your body due to the impact being 2-5 times more than your body weight. BFS should be brought back to SHS, we’ve had several injuries to ankles and a main focus of BFS was strengthening the ankle and other areas of the body. Black Bear Power does not seem have very many positive outcomes for our student athletes and that needs to change for the better of the athletes.