Royal Chaos

Sterling’s high school homecoming took quite a different outcome than expected. To start off our usual Friday game, adjustments were already being made due to the poor weather that took place. The crowning of the homecoming king and queen was moved prior of the game, and was a success with Seniors John and Camille Schweizer as the winning canidates. After the crowning, the homecoming game against Ell-Saline was cut short by an entire half, and a few minutes of the second quarter. Soon the game was cancelled and was to be rescheduled Saturday, but Ell-Saline decided to forfeit the game. Regardless of all the chaos, the homecoming dance was still to take place that Saturday evening.

“Due to the weather, delay of coronation, and game delay/cancellation, homecoming was extremely chaotic,” sophomore Elizabeth Horsch said.

Although the original homecoming day was ruined with poor weather, the SHS student made the best of it.

“Getting to dance with my friends and spend time with them was great, and I can’t wait for other people to enjoy it like I did next year,” Horsch said.