Black Bear Power enforcing technique and making gains

Throughout the school there has been discussion over the replacement of Bigger, Faster, Stronger with Black Bear Power. People will say that Black Bear Power isn’t as beneficial as Bigger, Faster, Stronger and that they aren’t “making gains” like they use to.

Black Bear Power implements multiple key exercises that the BFS program glossed over. For example, stretching. Although BFS had a designated time for stretching it was short and often misused as some stretched their jaws while others attempted to touch their toes. Black Bear Power starts with roughly 10-15 minutes of mandatorily dynamic stretching that helps prepare the athletes joints for the exercises.

Another aspect Black Bear Power enforces is technique. Many people complain about the slow body weight complex that a beginner is forced to go through weeks before lifting begins, but the whole point is to ensure that the athlete has proper technique so that they won’t get hurt when the weight gets heavy. There were handfuls of cases, in previous years throughout the school, where you would hear about an athlete injuring their back or some other muscle during a BFS class due to too much weight or improper technique. Weight lifting is designed to strengthen and prevent muscles from becoming injured.

Lastly, Black Bear Power focuses on resistance in just about every lift and body weight complex, something that BFS hardly even mentioned. Resistance training is one of the best things you can do for your body in the weight room. the American College of Sports Medicine promotes resistance training because it increases muscle strength and endurance, it helps improve body composition, reduces the risk for injury, enhances performance, and helps with muscle toning and definition.

Black Bear Power not only helps us “make gains” but it also enforces stretching, technique, and resistance, which helps prevent injury, increases muscle endurance, and enhances performances. It’s not holding us back, it’s pushing us forward, into the athletes we could potentially be.