Changing School Lunches

School lunches have been a big topic in schools for years now, many students prefer to take their own lunch instead of eating school lunches because of the food served. Many students argue that we should have a variety of choices and not just narrowed down to what the cooks decides to serve that day.

Here at Sterling we are limited to one meal choice, it’s planned everyday for the whole

month, while other schools like for example, Nickerson High School gets two different meal options every day to pick and choose what they decide to eat.  While our lunches differ

everyday we have the option to choose if we want another snack, that means we have to pay out of our own pockets to purchase items from ala cart.

“I think it would be a really good idea for the school to serve several options of food because not everyone has the same viewpoints on certain food. Some people like other things,” senior Alex Brasher said.

This eliminates several students lunches and they choose to pay themselves while our parents are already paying for the provided lunches everyday. The main issue is what is served and how many days we actually have the opportunity to eat it.

“I think our cooks are absoluetly incredible but I do think they limit on what they can serve which makes their selection seem not as incredible,” junior Natalie Nichols said.

Other issues include that whenever events come around in our school, we are only allowed to sell certain items for only two days. For example, Red Ribbon Week. The school sells all sorts of suckers that promote students to stay drug free which raises money for the school. According to school rules, we’re only allowed to sell them for two days, as well as other snacks like hot chocolate when the weather gets colder.

“I hate when the suckers only sell for two days because I’m a forgetful person, and buy the time I bring my money the school isn’t selling them anymore,” sophomore Kidist Wilson said.

Overall many kids have a hard time accepting some of the school lunches or rules the school has in place. I believe, as well as other kids in the high school, that we should have more options and opportunities to sell different kinds of foods for a longer period of time.

“I would like to see more options at lunch because some of the options aren’t appealing to everyone and some people enjoy other lunches than others. It would be a good idea for the students to have several options to choose from, also I think having the suckers should be sold longer because most of the students enjoy them and the school sees good profit from them,” sophomore Elizabeth Horsch said.