The Benefits of Being Involved


I was recently asked a question by one of my friends regarding the school yearbook. “Are you going to put me in the yearbook a bunch?”, they said. I answered by saying that I would if they happened to be in a good picture that I decided to use. Then I thought more about it and how not everyone gets in the yearbook very often.

Why isn’t everyone given the chance to be in the yearbook or magazine equally? The answer is simple. The reason that the “popular” kids are featured more in the yearbook more is because they are involved in more activities such as sports and clubs. If you want to be in the yearbook more, GET INVOLVED!

Getting involved is something that everyone should do, regardless of what their abilities are. Whether it’s football or chess club, it’s great to be involved. If you don’t enjoy what you signed up for, try something else, you’re bound to find something you enjoy doing. I’ve seen people try one thing and hate it, then think that everything will be the same, but the truth is, not all activities you can do at SHS are the same. There’s a good amount of things to do that appeal to about everybody. There are sports, clubs, academic competitions, music, etc., that everyone is welcome to be involved in.

If you want to have an equal opportunity to be in something like the yearbook or magazine, do something you’ve seen covered in the yearbook or magazine(which is about everything). If you don’t think this is fair, I’ll say something you’ve heard a million times and holds true in this instance, life isn’t fair. I’ve heard many people complain about these things. So, think about what you are or aren’t involved in when you don’t see your picture in the magazine or yearbook often.