Prather impacts students one needle at a time

Many students at Sterling High School become involved in different extracurricular activities every year such as band, debate, choir, or even clubs such as FCCLA or STUCCO. What most people don’t realize is there is a class for sewing taught by Mrs. Prather during the third hour of everyday.

“Three years ago they made changes to the schedule,” said Carol Prather. “Many were told that we could teach whatever we want it to be as long as it was feasible and worthwhile. I’m hoping my students trust in me that I will try my hardest to help them produce a worthwhile product, help develop imagination, build up confidence that they can do it and if not they rip it out and try it again.

During this hour, many students are offered with a wide range of different projects such as sewing clothes, making quilts, and hemming pants which they can use in the future.

“I love being able to have free choice in what I make in this class,” said senior Lexi Edwards. “I already use this class to sew things I use everyday. It’s so handy to be able to make something that I need and I have learned so much and I feel like when I graduate, I can use this skill to make all kinds of things.”

After high school, these skills that they learn may be used when they move into college or maybe even adulthood.

“So far in this class I have learned how to sew on a button and now if I lose a button, I can just sew it back on.” said sophomore Rylee Boeken. “This class is really fun because there are a lot of upperclassmen in it which allows me to be with people I would never talk to. You learn how to sew, of course, but you get to meet other people that you wouldn’t talk to or be around. These skills can also teach me to be like my mom. When I was younger, My mom always used to make our halloween costumes so I want to do that for my kids too.”

Some students have been able to take this class more than once and continue to learn new skills every year. This allows them to grow in their skills and keep practicing in order to excel in future projects.

“The class this year is a lot bigger this year and a lot more girls got interested in it. They started to realize that other girls were doing it and they started realizing all of the projects that they were making,” said senior Hannah Vogt. “In this class, you learn how to sew on buttons, learn how to hem pants, and just learn how to fix things you wouldn’t know how to do without a sewing machine or knowing how to hand stitch. I would recommend this class because it’s not only helpful life skills, it’s something I think a lot of people find as a hobby. I didn’t really know I enjoyed it until I found out all the things you can learn and make and I found it really beneficial.”