Real trees reveal the actual meaning of Christmas time

The tradition of the Christmas tree started even before the ancient Romans. Evergreen trees, with their green remaining all year, reminded people that spring would soon return. From the beginning, people hung boughs and wreaths of pine inside their homes making it a custom to use live pine for many years.

Authentic Christmas trees bring more of a ‘Christmas feel’ to the mood of this time of year. Their sweet scent of pine gives off a refreshing aroma, whereas artificial Christmas trees have no odor to add to the seasonal atmosphere. Pine, along with other fragrances such as baked cookies, a smoky fire, and peppermint, creates the classic ambience of the holidays. Their fragrance can also have positive effects on human bodies. For instance, fir trees can ease stress and mildly relieve colds.

All Christmas trees have a unique look. Their individuality makes everyone able to find the ‘perfect tree.’ There isn’t actually a ‘perfect tree’ because they all have their own flaws, which is what makes each one special. The various forms and heights attract the right customer. Artificial trees are too perfect and not realistic.

Real Christmas trees also give families the opportunity to make traditions and experience another fun Christmas activity. Many people cut down the tree they are going to use in their home. Others pick one out from a store for a fitting size and shape. Either way, going out every year to get a tree creates a tradition and irreplaceable memories.

From an environmental aspect, real trees are also better. Pine trees are recyclable, while manufactured trees are made of toxic materials that aren’t adequate for the earth.

The pine trees in tree farms are grown specifically for people to use in their homes at Christmas time. These tree farms also provide homes for wildlife, so they are very natural.

Genuine pine trees complete the joy and spirit of the holidays, from the tradition that they carry on, to the authenticity of their branches.