Stay Woke, Sterling Students

To the Editorial Board,

Sterling High School does NOT rely on three sport athletes to “support and enhance our academic and sport curricula.” At Sterling High School our Editorial Board consists of seven people: Grace Rowland, Mckiah San Miguel, Morgan Anderson, Natalie Nichols, Andy Norez, Taya Wilson, and Kaylie Zimmerman.

My first question to the Editorial Board in response to this month’s editorial called “Stay active, student athletes” is this; why should I waste my time at basketball practice, something I don’t enjoy, when I could be making money or practicing for the things I do like, or even hanging out with my friends, why should I waste my time and be miserable so I can play C team? Dear editorial board, please realize just because you like basketball doesn’t mean everyone else has too. I am here to speak for the student body of Sterling High School and we say “let us do what we enjoy without being called a coward, lazy, or selfish. “ Students last year won state titles for forensics, but did not do Debate. This is one of many amazing things that people from this school did but were not appreciated because even though no one will say it; we hold football, volleyball, basketball, and track above all else.

Point number two. Let’s say I do join basketball, as said before I don’t enjoy it, but somehow this article makes me join, why would I try extra hard to be at practice if I don’t want to be there? Why should I spend my time because “we don’t have the numbers to risk athletes not going out for the activities”

Point number three. “Three sport athletes have an unselfish attitude toward all sports, even the ones they dislike, but single athletes have a more selfish attitude ‘all about me and what I’m good at’ attitude. Whereas they could have a “what will benefit my team’ attitude.” Let’s break this down, not all three sport athletes have an unselfish attitude towards all sports. It seems no one cares about sports like cross-country, tennis, wrestling, softball, or golf. The second part of this quote states that a single sport athlete has a more selfish attitude “all about me and what I’m good at” attitude. First some people aren’t mentally or physically healthy enough to play. Do you also realise some people need jobs? There are people at Sterling High that need jobs so they can help support their families. That is way more noble and selfless than playing a school sport just so that the team can have the numbers.

Point number four, the editorial board really chose the wrong month to publish the article “Stay active, student athletes” because not only is the cover someone who isn’t playing a winter sport to work, but the feature article is dedicated to the kids of Sterling High who not only hve a job, but who aren’t playing winter sports because of it, thus making these non-three sports athletes, selfish, and lazy. Why is the editorial contradicting and insulting the feature?

Are all of the people on the Editorial Board in both debate and forensics? If not how could you be so selfish? Are all of you guys in Scholar’s Bowl? If not, the team could really benefit from you being there, why does it matter if you like it or not, don’t be selfish, you need to think about the team. What about cheerleading? Did everyone try out for that? What about the winter and spring plays? The recent article written by the Sterling High Cub Reporter was not only hypocritical, but selfish in its own way, because you are asking people to give up their free time so you can have more people on the basketball team.

To the students at Sterling High School, don’t let people tell you that you are selfish because you don’t play three sports, do what you want. Would you rather look back at high school and hate yourself for wasting time on a sport that made you miserable or realize you had a great time because you did what you wanted and felt comfortable doing it. You are your own person and you are free to do what makes you happy.

-Lydia Miller