Aubrey Anderson: Letter to the Editor


To start off, I think your opinion about three sport athletes is wrong. You may not agree, but in my and others’ eyes, it is a complete lie. So let’s say I go out for volleyball and decided not to go out for track because I don’t love it. That doesn’t make me selfish. If theoretically I can’t run fast, why participate in the sport? Why not spend time doing something I enjoy, like art? It doesn’t make someone selfish if they don’t enjoy a sport; it just means they are prioritizing their hobbies, and to say that is not a good reason is honestly insulting. Another point your missing in your opinion is that not all athletes have good attitudes. I personally know a three sport athlete that gets bad grades and is very mean. Are they the backbone of the school? You can’t put everyone who does sports all year long on a higher pedestal than every other student. Also, you said that one sport athletes have the ‘it’s all about me and what I’m good at’ attitude. This is not only unfair, but rude. If I like art better than track, don’t tell me to do track. I think it’s students that have this ‘three sport athletes are holding out school together’ opinion in their minds that cause people like me not to like certain sports. If you don’t participate in both band and choir, what gives me the right to turn to you and say, “You’re ruining our program. You need to do this whether you like it or not.” It’s no longer fun; it’s a guilt trip. So, in conclusion, three sport athletes are not who Sterling High School relies on to enhance our academics and sport curricula. Kind, hardworking people who choose to support rather than tear down and manipulate people are who Sterling relies on.

-From an insulted, two sport athlete

Aubrey Anderson