Zoe Miller: Letter to the Magazine Crew

Dear Magazine Crew,

In regards to the December Magazine, it was the best magazine we’ve had in a long time. Unfortunately, you ruined it with your pretentious and narcissistic editorial. I’m sorry I don’t want to be apart of a mediocre basketball and track team. You mention in your editorial “also helps with their grades, attendance, and behavior.” if we only did sports to keep up with grades it promotes doing the bare minimum to keep up with grades. And as for the rest of your article, they were flat out lies. I would highly suggest and apology for your next editorial. “Would you rather look back at high school and regret doing these extracurricular activities, or regret not doing them?” My two biggest regrets for high school is doing Debate and Track. This editorial is essentially one big guilt trip. Sorry if it’s slightly harsh. Get over it.

-Zoe Miller