Disney: Gay or Nay?

Disney has recently come under fire due to one of its shows, “Andi Mack”, having the first teen character coming out as being gay and learning to accept who they are.

Many people are opposed to it for a variety of reasons, many of them based on religious beliefs. Therefore, the obvious question is: should it be removed? Despite the popular belief that letting children view a program of this kind encourages them to live a homosexual lifestyle, no research supports such a stance. Many people have seen violent shows or movies. However, merely viewing immoral actions doesn’t explicitly cause you to replicate said activities. That falls onto what you have been taught and your own personal moral and ethics.

Many people who are opposed to a show such as Disney’s “Mack” have biblical reasons, rarely do they have specific reasons for why they think it’s immoral. Removing this program because one group of people disagrees would be detrimental to society as a whole. Because we often take pride in our ability to be open-minded about everything, we’re always preached at to be tolerant of everyone. Then exceptions start popping up as we get older and soon those who preached tolerance become hypocrites. We often judge other people on our own sense of right and wrong to the point we’ve lost the ability to accept other viewpoints. We’ve slowly become unable to leave our comfort zones because we often surround ourselves with like-minded people.

The show provides us a glimpse into what other peoples lives are like, a valuable opportunity because we often don’t hear their side due to our judgment of them already being decided. It provides support for people going through the same struggle, just seeing characters on television go through the same struggle gives them courage to accept who they are.

Removing this television series won’t change reality.