The Perfect Shot

Photography offers many artistic forms of creativity. Whether it’s modeling, nature shots, still life, or panoramic photos. With so many options, it’s important to find the ones that stick out to you. Sophomore Junior Silva, takes photos, and then posts them on Instagram. He started this hobby two summers ago, after first getting Instagram.


“I got Instagram my eighth grade year and I saw other people on Instagram and I got inspired by them basically. I saw that some people have black and white themes and I decided that I wanted to do that because I like black and white photos,”


However, taking the picture isn’t where his hobby ends, Silva edits all the pictures he takes and then uploads them. He then adds a series of hashtags to promote the photos and help them gain publicity.

“To come up with the hashtags I look at the picture and if I think it has texture, or colors, or lighting then I add the hashtag. Sometimes I tag the apps I used to edit and on one of the accounts I got featured. It takes me about a day to edit. To get the ‘perfect’ shot I only take like one or two photos,”


Silva gets his inspiration from everyday objects, and likes to give a different perspective that most people won’t see. He does this by taking his photos at different angles, or editing them in a more abstract way.


“I usually will look at an object and then decide that I want to take a picture of it. Sometimes I just find things that are aesthetically pleasing so I take a picture, but I also have a system where I go through cycles. Texture, macro, edit, and minimalism. I try to incorporate all of these aesthetics into my Instagram . Usually, if I find one of these, I take a picture of it,”

When Silva started taking pictures, he started by using an Iphone 5. Since then, he has upgraded to an Iphone 7. He soon hopes to transfer to a professional camera, but until then, he plans on continuing using his Iphone.


“I do plan on [getting a camera soon] just because the quality of the picture is higher. I’m probably not gonna stop using my phone because it’s more convenient to use and the cameras are only getting better as time goes on so it’s really about finding one that I really like and feel that it suits me,”

Editing requires work and an artistic eye, both things Silva has. He makes sure to really think and wait about the changes he wants to make. Silva prefers to focus more on enhancing what’s already there rather than add what’s not. To make sure to complete this, Silva


“When I edit I think of ways I can enhance what I have in front of me. That maybe just be upping the contrast and putting a filter on it, or it could be 20 steps long. It just depends on the type of photo I am editing. I also make sure to take a step back and give the photo some time. Sometimes I find something I don’t like and I get rid of it. This is really important because it makes sure I am putting the best content out there,”


Silva enjoys the aspect of editing that allows him to be artistic, and plans on continuing his hobby in the future. However, he doesn’t plan on trying to turn his photography into a job opportunity.


“I definitely think of doing it in the future sometimes. Maybe not as a full time job but maybe as a side job. It’s fun for me and others need it. I like editing because it gives me a chance to transform an image that everyone has seen before into something completely different.”