Sterling high alumni gifts SHS with new musical equipment for students

Sterling High School had the chance to be a part of the Country Music Association Songwriters Series tour. The group consisted of Danielle Bradbery, Emily Weisband, and Sterling’s own Nicolle Galyon. RaeLynn was also part of the group but was unable to make it due to sickness.

All seminars were dismissed to the auditorium for a special presentation on Feb. 21. The performance was a surprise from band teacher Larry Brownlee and Galyon.

Galyon and Bradbery both sang a song that they wrote. Galyon sang “All the Pretty Girls” that she wrote and is recorded by Kenny Chesney. Bradbery sang “Worth It,” which is a song that she wrote and recorded.

Some of the students knew about the surprise performance, but others did not know what the assembly was about.

“I was surprised because I didn’t know that Danielle was coming. I expected Nicolle to be here because I knew she was in town, but I didn’t expect her to bring Danielle with her, and I really was surprised when they sang for us,” senior Kelsie Boeken said.

Students may listen to country music because they like the beat of it, but others listen for the story that is behind the song.

“Most of her songs I follow, especially on her new album. I feel like I relate and a lot of girls out of this school relate to it just because she is from a small town too, and most of her songs are about self-worth,” Boeken said.

Along with the surprise performance, Galyon had a few more up her sleeve. The school will be getting a new drum set, a grand piano, and nine guitars donated by Keith Urban.

“I thought it was really nice of them to donate all of the stuff to us. It was really sweet of them,” senior Aniston Ramsey said.

The grand piano was of particular importance to some students.

“I was really excited because most of the pianos at our school are not in very good shape and are out of tune. But getting a grand piano, they look a lot better, they sound a lot better, they are a lot more fun to play. It’s going to be awesome. I am so excited,” junior William Weiner said.