The Door

I turned around to try the door behind me once again. This time the door creaked on its rusty hinges as I slowly opened it. I peaked to find a hallway dark and decrepit the walls and floors looked as if they hadn’t been cared for in 60 years. The old light bulbs were busted. Trash and pieces of the ceiling lay scattered about on the floor as I cautiously walked down the hall. My flashlight struggling to hold back the darkness of the building. I had come to an open door I looked inside seeing a child’s room with a rocking horse. I walked in searching for any clues as to where I was and what was going on. I stepped over to the rocking horse gently laying my hand on it.

Just then the old record player in the corner turned on playing the Ink spots’ I don’t want to set the world on fire. I jumped back frighten. My heart pounding in my chest a cold sweat overcame my body. I walked over to the record player pressing the switch to turn it off. The record stopped spinning, but the music kept playing, but not from the record player. It was coming from somewhere else. It was as if the song was in my head playing over and over. I walked into the hall closing the door behind me. I took several steps then the hallway twisted right before my eyes. It was as if a giant had picked up the building and were trying to ring it out. I was standing on the ceiling. Confused and frighten I kept heading down the hall switching my flashlight on.

I could see something out of the corner of my eye some sort of figure, but everytime I looked or pointed my flashlight at it it would flee back to the corner of my eye never able to see it. I kept walking my hands persperating. I pulled my coat tighter the building was cold eerily cold as if I couldn’t escape its cold grip no matter how many layers I put on. The cold seemed to be reaching into my soul and gripping my heart. I had come to the end of the hall.

There was no fork or any door to go to, but there was an old large oval mirror that had been cracked. I looked into the mirror seeing nothing but my reflection. I reached my hand up to touch it. As my palm had rested upon its surface my refection had reached out from the mirror gripping my hand a cold and terrifying smile on his face. He slowly transformed into a grotesque beast with elongated limbs and daggers for teeth. His eyes as black as midnight. Terrorfied i used all of my strength releasing his grip. I fell onto my back as his hand released me from his iron hard grip. Panting and sweating he slowly started to come out of the mirror. I quickly gathered my self and began sprinting the creature right behind me in pursuit. Panting and roaring he ran on all fours towards me jumping between the ceiling and floor trying to catch me. Up ahead I could see an elevator its gate open calling me to salvation. I sprinted harder my legs and lungs crying out in protest. Adrenaline and fear were the only things keeping me going. I was mere meters from the elevator when the monster leapt at me its claws out stretched like massive jagged razors. He slashed my calf a long wound running down the length of it as my blood began pouring out. I slid as I fell to the floor. I was only inches from salvation. I began crawling grabbing the floor and using my good leg to push me the monster slowly walked over like a predator about to slaughter and kill its prey. I kept crawling my hand almost able to reach the elevator and then a massive claw pierced my chest ending it. I let out my last breath almost a gasp as my hand had fallen upon the elevator’s floor.