Why Is 6 Afraid Of 7?

“Hey dude!” Yelled 6.

“Sup man! Haven’t seen you in awhile,” yelled 9 across the row of fences separating the multiple houses between the two.

“Hey boys!” 8 yelled between the two, wearing a dress and walking to her car.

“Where you goin’ gurl?” 5 yelled behind 6.

“I’m going on a date! With 1.”

“That dude!?! He’s a douche,” yelled 9.

“Well, sorry boys. He asked kindly and that deserved a yes.”

“Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you only hit on 1 and anyone not on this block,” groaned 5.

“Well you should have been above ten,” replied 8 as she got in her car.

“You think we choose!!!” yelled 5 as she drove off.

“Geez, you’d think she’d know any better,” laughed 6.

“Yeah dude, she annoying,” laughed 9 as they all started laughing.

‘They’re laughing at me aren’t they?’ thought 7. ‘They don’t like me, they want me to leave the neighborhood, but no no no no. They think i’m scared, i’m not, i’ll show them.’

7 kept up his thoughts as he rocked back and forth in his basement room.

There were hundreds of them. It all started with 1 through 9. Each one a person. They knew though that they weren’t humans though. Each one represented a number in the real human world. Soon after hundreds of millions of upper numbers came. The leaders at the time, 1 through 9, decided they no longer wanted to hold the reins. They soon gave the leadership to the tens and their live went back to normal.

“Dude have you seen 7?” Asked 9 to 6 as he walked to 6’s house.

“No dude, I tried to invited him to come over and play some videogames with us but all I got was voicemail.”

“Maybe he’s sick?”

“Maybe, I’ll talk to 3, he used to be a doctor for stuff like sickness right?”

“Hey man all I know is that he’s a doctor, don’t all doctors know how to treat the flu?”

“Yeah that’s true. Tell you what, you head in. 4 and 5 are already in there, I’ll call 3 and tell him to check on 7.”

“It’s a deal dude,” said 9 as he ran downstairs to the basement of 6’s house.”

6 went to his phone, caring less, and dialed 3. All he got was a voicemail.

“Hey dude this is 6. I don’t know where you’re at but 7 hasn’t been answering his phone and since you’re a doctor the rest of the crew is wondering if you could check on him, we think he might be sick and since, you know, you’re a doctor you could help him. Anyways, have a nice day. See you ‘round.”

6 set down the phone and headed downstairs, ready to play videogames with his friends.


“Ughhh, my friends are idiots,” 3 said to himself as he approached 7’s house. He was in fact, not a doctor in anything medical or related to medicine.

He knocked on the door.

‘They’ve come for me,’ thought 7. ‘They can’t have me, who is it?’ 7 looked into the monitors from the cameras he had set up around his whole house.

‘Just 3, I can take care of that, one will be easy to handle, I could take them out one by one, yes, that works.’

7 grabbed his sheathed knife and put it under his shirt. He raced upstairs to answer the door.

“Hey man,” 7 said as he opened the door.

“Woah, dude you look bad,” said 3 as he saw 7.

“What do you mean?”

“Well you’re super pale and your eyes look like the size of the moon, and your hair is greasy. When was the last time you showered?” 3 asked as he saw 7’s usually nice brown hair dirty and ugly.

“You know, awhile back,” 7 said speedily, “hey you wanna come inside?”

“Uhh sure I guess,” 3 said confusingly, “you alright?”

“Yep come in, I’m sleeping in my basement, I’m only kind of sick, I’m perfectly fine.”

“Sure dude,” 3 replied, growing increasingly suspicious.

7 led him downstairs, almost jumping out of joy. As they reached the bottom 3 gagged with disgust of the stench rising up.

“Wha…..” he was cut off from surprise of what he saw. The basement looked like something from the movies, sharpened tools, kitchen knives, chainsaws. He knew now what the smell came from, one wall was covered with dead animals, all hanging off of racks by hooks and chains.

3 knew not to ask questions, he ran, too afraid to turn around, he’d seen enough movies to know that as soon as he were to turn around he’d probably have his face hacked off. He only got up three steps before he felt a sharp pain on his left side below his ribs. He fell face first on the edge of the stairs, his nose taking all the impact. 3 slowly rose and staggered up the stairs, holding his nose as blood gushed out of it. Three seconds later he fell down, bleeding out as 7 stood over him.


“Bruh where’s 3?” asked 9.

“Dunno,” replied 4, too busy playing videogames.

“He’s checking on 7 right?” asked 5.

“Yeah but that was like an hour ago, do you think 7’s THAT sick?”

“Well maybe,” 5 answered.

“Shuuuuuut uuuuup,” 6 muttered while sleeping on the La-Z-Boy $45,000 reclining chair.

“7 must not be feeling well either then,” said 9, “he always come to these parties.”

“Well we can ask him later,” said 5 as he switched controllers with 4.

“Yeah, you will, but I’m going now,” said 9 as he walked out.

There was no one answering 3’s door as 9 continually knocked on it. ‘This really sucks,’ he thought. He headed over to 7’s house confused on what was going on. He arrived there and knocked on the door. Just like 3’s house, there was no answer. He tried the door, too impatient now. Surprisingly, it was unlocked.

“Hello!?” he yelled in.

Like usual, there was no answer. He stepped in and immediately smelled a horrible stench, almost making him vomit. Holding his nose he advanced into the house. He couldn’t help but notice how terrible condition the house was in. Dirty dishes everywhere, unwashed clothes laying on the floor.

“3? 7!?” he yelled, getting worried.

He walked down the hallway going to the bedroom door without noticing the man behind him. He looked into the bedroom, as usual there was no one there. He turned around right into 3.

“Woah dude,” said 9, startled, “where have you been?’’

3 didn’t answer, instead he raised his arms, lifting a wooden beam.

It took only a moment for 9 to realize that it was an axe. 9 gasped in surprise as 3 brought it down on his head.


“Dude just join,” said 4 to 6, “we need three players if we want to win against this boss.”

“Bro I’m tired,” muttered 6, “go get 9.”

“Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude,” said 4, “you’re such a douche.”

“Shut up, I’m tired.”

“Hmph!” grunted 4 as he got out of his chair, “Lets go 5.”


6 waited and waited. The more he waited the more he got bored.

“Hey losers! Hurry up! Gosh you’re so slow!” he yelled out, hoping it reached his friends.

6 waited five minutes and still know one came. ‘I have do everything these days’ he thought to himself as he got up and out of his chair. He went outside and immediately felt like something was wrong. The block of 1-10 was usually filled up. People running around, 8 watering her garden, 3 mowing his lawn, but the whole block was empty and dead.

6 walked to 7’s door.

“Hey dude!” he yelled into the open door. “ Where is everyone? Your door’s open! Is this some prank ‘cause I’m not in the mood!”

There was no answer.

“Huuuuuuuuh, this is gay,” said 6 angrily.

6 stepped inside. Immediately catching a whiff of a terrible smell. ‘Woah’ he thought. He searched around, looking for anything. There, in the hallway, the white carpet had a red stain splattered all over. ‘Dang dude’ thought 6. He looked more and more, not finding anything to help him. Then he saw it. The door to the basement, there were stains at the foot of the door. 6 opened the door, noticing the stench was getting stronger. He quietly walked down the stairs, hearing a scuffling at the bottom of the stairs. As he reached the bottom he looked around the room. Gasping at what he saw. One wall was covered in what appeared to be the remains of many different animal carcesses. A workbench was next to it, covered with bloody knives and a chainsaw. That’s when 6 saw what was in the middle of the room. Bodies piled around a table. 6 saw someone at the table. Eating one of the bodies with his back facing away from 6.

6 saw the head of 9 sticking out on top of the table. 6 couldn’t help but bend over and vomit. As he stood up he saw the man at the table turn around. It was 7, with 9’s dead body behind him on the table.

6 gasped as he saw that 9’s stomach and throat were both gone and in their place a pool of blood.

6 turned and hightailed it up the stairs. His friends, his best friends were all dead. The other bodies must have been the ones of 3, 4, and 5. He ran out the front doors and into the yard.

“Help! Somebody please help!” he yelled out.

He ran into his house. Too scared to go anywhere else. He grabbed his home phone and ran to the closet in his hallway. He ran to it and jumped in. Closing the doors. He sat there until his breathing calmed. As soon as he felt safe he took out his home phone in his pocket. He dialed 8, hoping she’d answer. She did.

“Hey 6 I’m kinda busy,” she said.

“8 you need to stay away from your place!” 6 yelled into the phone. “7’s gone crazy and he’s killing everyone, they’re all dead.”

“Haha silly,” replied 8, “that’s funny but seriously, I’m one a date with 1 and you just interrupted it. I’ll be home soon so don’t pull any more crap on me.”

“No wait!” was all 6 could manage to say before 8 hung up.

“That retard,” sighed 6.


He had been sitting there. For minutes, hours, he didn’t know. He had gone to the bathroom twice in the corner of the closet and the smell was getting to him. He couldn’t stand it.

Alright, he told himself. Let’s do this. He lifted the phone, ready to use it as a weapon, and burst through the closet door. No one. Hmmmm, he told himself, that’s strange. He went to the end of the hallway and looked out. That’s where he saw him. 7 was on the road. Putting something down on it with his back facing away from 6. Then 7 stood, turned around, and looked directly at 6. 6 backed away. Scared out of his mind.

Then he heard it. A car coming close. He ran back to the window to see what it was. It was 8 and 1. Driving rather quickly down the road. He looked to the road, not seeing where 7 had gone. That’s when he realized what 7 had set down in the road. Bits and pieces of sharp steel bits. The car came in quickly, running over all the them. As the car made it halfway through it flipped over, crashing down with a thud.

“No!” 6 yelled, running over to the car. He looked into the upside down car. 8 was gasping for breath and sitting next to her in the drivers seat, his face bloodied, was 1, probably dead.

“Let’s go 8,” 6 said as he unbuckled her and put her over his shoulders.

8 carried the now unconscious 8 up the stairs. She had passed out as he brought her into his house.

He put her into his closet, and followed her into it. There he sat and waited until she awoke.


She awoke with a scream.

“Easy,” he said.

“What’s going on?” she asked, “Where’s 1? Where’s the car?”

“Calm down,” 6 said, “I’ll tell you the whole story.”

6 went on to tell her the whole story. As 8 learned more she went from scared to calm.

“Alright,” she said, “what do we do now?”

“I have a plan. You see 3 has a rifle in his basement, as soon as we get that we have a huge advantage over him. So what we’ll do is I’ll go outside, cause a distraction, all the while you run over to 3’s house, get to his basement, grab his rifle, and when 7 comes out, you shoot him in the head.”

“Hmmmm alright,” she said.

“You know how to use a rifle?”

“Good enough.”

“That’s good enough, let’s do it.”

They left the closet, both looking out for 6. Both low, 8 went outside to get to 3’s house while 6 grabbed his stereo and Ipod.

As he made his way outside it looked like 7 hadn’t touched the overturned car with 1 in it. 6 snuck over to it, he looked in and jumped back. 1 was still alive, he seemed to be unconscious but still breathing.

“Sorry 1,” 6 said despite knowing that he wasn’t being heard, “you’re not that important yet.”

6 set up his stereo atop the car. Setting it at full bass, he synced it to his Ipod and turned on the song of the century, Turn Down For What. The bass drop was so awesome. As all the windows to the houses in the neighborhood shattered 6 felt like a god.

The bass was so deep it slowly reached into 1’s bones. Entering into his skull. 1 jerked awake, unbuckled his seatbelt-falling over head first-    and climbed out of the wrecked car.

“Bruh,” he said to 6.

6 looked back to see 1.

“Such a good song.”

“I know right.”

“So what’s going o…”

He was cut off as a bullet entered through his skull.

“Woah woah woah woah!” 6 shouted to 3 house, “we were having a moment in the bass.”

8 walked out of the house.

“Sorry! Oh my gosh I killed him!” she cried out.

She ran out to 1’s dead body.

“Oh my gawwwwwwwwwwwd, I quillet hi, hi hem.

6 looked down at her.

“Mooo, mow I, Im, Im honnu hav to wiv withoud im.

“Shawty you messed up,” 6 yelled awkwardly.

Did all girls cry that way? If so that was really weird.

“Um 8 can you finish up? We got more problems than your boyfriend right now.”

6 heard a crunch of glass. He spinned around. There he was, 7, the freak, the monster.

“Shut her up please!” 7 yelled over the bass still going, “she’s killin the vibe!”

“You shut her up dude,” 6 said back not thinking.

“Ok,” 7 said.

He picked up the gun and shot her in the back.

“Oh you actually did.”

7 leaned over 1’s dead body, picked him up and started walking away.

“That’s it?” 6 asked.


“No feud between us, you won’t kill me?”


“Alright,” 6 shrugged, proceeding to turn up the bass even more on his speakers.