Killer Google

Every channel I turn to says the exact same thing even  cartoon network isn’t safe. I decide to turn it off the T.V. seeing I’m not going to be watching anything but those commercials. I go to the bathroom and look in the mirror I take my glasses off and try to imagine myself with the new Google glasses. I’ll be the most evened person in the world I get to try the new Google glasses before everyone else. I can see why they would be envious the new glasses are awesome they send emails to you, holograms can take your place, and plans your day for you while you sleep. Basically you don’t have lift a finger for anything. I put my glasses back on ” I cant believe that ill be going to the Google building in the morning it was really nice of them to pay for the hotel room and that its only an hour drive away” I say to my reflection wow I must really be lonely. I need to go to sleep I have a big day a head of me tomorrow.  I turn off the bathroom light and walk over to the bed pull the covers back and crawl into bed. I was woken up to the annoying buzz buzz sound of the alarm clock blaring into my ear. I roll out of bed and get dressed and go to the bathroom to brush my hair and teeth. I just got done brushing my teeth when someone knocks on my door. I answer the door and a man with a clipboard walks in. He looks goofy his hair was tussled, he had old coke bottle thick glasses, plaid pants, black button up shirt, and a lab coat with different colors stained on it.  ” Jim Methoue?” he asked not looking up from his clipboard. “Yes who are you?” he looked at me with a little shocked face but then he smiled and acted like i just asked the million dollar question. ” I’m Billy the person who’s going to be taking you to the Google building and back, and I’m supposed to collect more information on you.” I just looked at him he didn’t seem phased by me staring at him like he was a science experiment. Billy walked over to me and took out a tape measure. ” Hmm lets see 6’2, hazel eyes, black hair.” He paused and wrote this down on his clip board. He looked me dead in the eye and said ” you wear glasses do you have contacts?” ” no I don’t have contacts glasses only.” He nodded as if this was the best thing in the world. I thought my answer was awkward but he didn’t seem to notice he just kept writing and looking at me. ” I thought I already answered all the questions?” I asked trying to not offend him. It didn’t even faze him he just continued to write something down and with out even looking up he answered me “yes you did but this is just double checking…ready to go?” I moved to get my hotel key and put it in my wallet and we walked out of the hotel. Billy never looked at me or ask any more questions I didn’t think that this would be so nerve racking.

The walk to the car was quite and I hadn’t asked for a badge or any identification on if he really did work for Google. Am I going to be kidnapped or murdered? I hope he is telling the truth we get to the car and my fears were put to rest when I saw the Google van parked. The car ride was also quite but I didn’t mind the building was only an hour away. The traffic was moving fast so we were there in no time. We turn into the Google building and billy flashes his badge at the security officer and we pull farther into the parking lot. Billy parks close to the door so it wont be that long of a walk. We get out of the car and Billy opens the big glass door for me I mumble a thank you and he mumbles a welcome. It was big and grand I was looking in every direction Billy motioned for me to fallow him. we stopped at the receptions desk and he showed her his badge and then motioned for me to fallow again. We turned down a hallway and stopped in front of a heavy steal looking door.

Billy showed his badge once again to some guard and the door opened. The room was empty except for one chair in the center of the room. It looked like it was bolted down to the ground. Billy walks to the chair and I’m still frozen at the door I’m just a couple of steps away from fame and envy of the whole world. That thought alone pushed me into the room, and closer to the odd looking chair. When I got farther into the room I noticed a giant one way glass window. When I got to the chair I noticed it had metal restraints on the arms, legs and head rest of the chair. Billy moved closer to the chair when I sat down to lock all the restraints in place.

Billy looked at me he had a pained look on his face as he said “Now that your strapped into the chair and I’m out of the way your head will be moved up and two robotic arms will come down to put the glasses on.” I looked at him and was about to ask a question on why robotic arms when he continued taking my glasses off ” The new Google glasses will replace your old glasses and will be stuck to your face permanently because we hope that these glasses will replace every electronic in the world so why take them off?” I tried to nod in agreement but it was hard with my head restrained, but then the thought of permanent crossed through my mind ” wait permanent i thought that i could take them off every now and then?” he looked at me and sighed ” as I told you we hope to replace all electronics with theses glasses and they will register how bad your eye sight is and will adjust to it.” I was about to say something else when he added in quickly ” Now let’s start and let the world know that the new Google glasses are almost ready for them.” The fame I wanted the fame of it all to go down a legend to be remembered. I shut up and gave him a nod witch he understood as lets do this. Billy walks towards the huge one way glass and gives a thumbs up. My chair starts to move back and all I can see is the blurred ceiling just like Billy said to robotic arms came down something cold was placed on my head, and then I was sitting up in the chair.

Billy was back at my side unlocking the restraints my vision was still a little blurred  but it was clearing up. Billy walks me out in the car he hands me a pan flit on the glasses and how they worked and a number encase something went wrong. We got back to the hotel and Billy walked me to my room and opened the door for me. ” Now Jim you should get some rest the glasses will take a lot out of you and your eyes at first so you should just rest”. I nodded yes and with that he said good by and left me there alone. I decided to go to sleep and do what Billy suggested I changed into my pj’s and went to sleep.

When I woke up it was 5:30 am I felt wozze Billy was right my eyes do feel stranded I needed to wash my face. I go to the bathroom to wash my face I turn the light and there’s blood everywhere dripping down the walls splatterd on the mirror I looked down at my hands and they are soaked in blood.