New teacher ready for the school year

By Brandon Frederick

The new young teacher Eric Wenzel is ready to make a change in the way people view business.

Wenzel previously lived in Hawaii for two years where he worked with multiple churches and other youth group opportunities.

“There was a position in Colorado that opened up that I applied for and I got in touch with my old advisor, asking for a letter of recommendation she sent it and said Erik if you’re interested in coming back to Kansas let us there is a lot of positions open this coming school year. So my wife and I thought about is and we decided to apply.” Wenzel said.

Wenzel applied on the Kansas Teaching Jobs website.

“Principal Anderson gave a call the next day and I went from there,” he said.

Teaching isn’t the only important thing for Wenzel.

“The most important thing to me is to develop more of a personal relationship with my students, and to notice what they need to excel in their learning,” he said.