Bears Split at Hesston

Coming in with a 6-1 record, the Lady Bears Volleyball team went on the road to Hesston Tuesday for their first official league action. The teams in attendance were Hesston, Smokey Valley, and Sterling.

In the first match, the Bears took on the Smokey Valley Vikings and despite winning the match, they suffered a loss in another way, as Senior Chelsey Riffel went down with a back injury.

“I hurt my back earlier squatting in BFS, but I hate not playing so I went ahead and played anyways and injured it worse.” Riffel said.

With Riffel out of the lineup, the Bears went on to their next matchup against the Hesston Swathers, who they had previously bested in the CKL Preseason Tournament, but fell short to the second time in two games.

“Losing chelsey effects us in a big way,” Senior Andi Dowell said. “She’s a main player on our team, but losing her made some of the other players step up.

The Bears now move forward with a 3-1 regular season record, and will look to improve that on Saturday in Haven.

“We knew at some point in the season we would face adversity, I’m just glad it’s now instead of closer to substate.” Dowell said.