A Single Unit

A follow up to my article, “School Spirit Lacking at SHS”, in the October edition of The Cub Reporter news magazine.


Many people, mostly teachers and community members, came up to me after the October magazine was released and told me that they loved my article and agreed entirely with my opinion. While that made me feel very good about my writing and the message I was trying to get out, I couldn’t help but think, “Well all of the adults agree, but they aren’t going to stand in the student section and lead cheers during games.” I wondered if I was getting through to my target audience, you. The student body.

Throughout the year I have seen change. Exactly the change I was hoping for, and hoping to lead. There are people standing, yelling, leading chants and cheering with the cheerleaders during games.

Now I don’t know if this sudden change in spirit has anything to do with my article from October. For all I know, there could have been a total of 3 people read it under the age of 20 (I’m hoping that’s not the case). What I do know though is that when we stand, yell and cheer, it makes a difference.

That’s really what I want to do through my writing, I want to make a difference. So whether my article made the student body start to cheer, or it was some other reason, I do know that a difference has been made, and that’s what makes me so proud to be a Black Bear.

Black Bears in the wild limit their interactions with one another, but when they all want something they are willing to come together to get it, and I could spend all day trying to come up with some kind of analogy about how “we are all black bears and blah blah blah blah”, but I’m not going to. Instead, I’m going to say that we aren’t all black bears, sure we are “Sterling High School Black Bears” but  really, we are all species.

We are a student body that consists of the privileged, the broken, the poor, the rich, the loved, the forgotten, the kind, the strong, the weak, the athletic, the musical. Some of us have divorced parents, or parents that are still madly in love. Some of us have a few friends that we spend every waking moment with, some of us are friends with everyone but don’t spend a lot of time with anyone. Some of us have never known real emotional pain, some of us feel it all the time.

We are all different, and we are all isolated in certain ways, but there is one thing that changes all of that diversity. Coming together. In the past few weeks at SHS, our student section has exploded into what I think is the best in the league, but it’s more than just a screaming set of high school students. It’s one unit, and for that time, in that student section, we are all black bears.




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