Students React to Extra Days

While kids across the state are sleeping in, Sterling High School students are back in the classrooms for the next two days taking finals. Sterling High School is one of only a couple schools that is having classes the week of Christmas, as finals are being issued today and tomorrow.

“I think that it’s disappointing that we have two more days of school for Finals, while other schools are already out,” senior Sarah Wheeler said. “Like a lot of people are already gone this week for their breaks and I feel like a lot of that could’ve been avoided if we would’ve had finals Thursday and Friday instead of Monday and Tuesday.”

Senior Cody Salazar agrees that having the extra days for Finals is difficult.

“It’s harder to concentrate,” Salazar said. “With social media and stuff we see everyone else is out of school so its harder to concentrate knowing you have to be here working for two more days while everyone else is doing whatever they want.”

As a general consensus, students are frustrated with extra days, but some see the extra time to get more studying done.

“I think that the extra days are stupid and I really don’t understand why we have them,” sophomore Kaleab Wilson said.  “On the bright side though, now I have some more time to study for my Finals that I’m not ready for and check Slader.”

Despite the extra days, the administration decided to have dismissal at 1:30 on Tuesday, due to the fact that 5th and 6th hour Finals will be given on Monday.

“The half day doesn’t really help because you are here longer than you need to be,” Salazar said. “We already got told what we needed to prepared for so it doesn’t really do anything.”

School will resume after the break on Jan. 5.