The Life of Jeffrey Hartman

Midway through his 7th grade year, Jeffrey Hartman’s life changed forever.

“I moved here because of custody battle between my dad and my mom,” Hartman said. “My dad won it so that’s why I moved here.”

After living in Baltimore, Maryland for 12 years, Hartman left his longtime home to come to the small town of Sterling, Kansas.

“Well, my first reaction I thought it was kind of more spread out than what I was use to,” he said. “In Baltimore, a lot of the houses are right next to each other in the place that I lived, but here I haven”t really seen that except for some apartments.”

The transition to a small town after living in the fast lanes of Baltimore was relatively easy for him, as he had switched schools several times before arriving at Sterling

“I moved a lot, I had been to like 4 or 5 different schools, and this is like the second smallest school I had ever been to.” he said. “It was just like any other move for me, making new friends, figuring out where we were in the math book, stuff like that.”

Despite the easy transition, Hartman comments about how the move was harder due to the timing.

“I’d say the worst time to move is the middle of the school year,” he said. “It’s so hard to get back into things. You get so use to the same teachers, and learning things the same way and when you move you have to learn how the new teachers teach and you have to figure out how to learn their ways. If you switch in the beginning of they year, you can use the time in the summer to make friends and not just the time in school.”

As Hartman moved up to high school, he found that the step up was considerably easy.

I find high school easier than Jr. High, I think the school work is easier, and as for making friends, I already had the ones from before, but now I’m able to make new friends with people who are already in high school.

In reflection, Hartman is grateful for the move, and overall glad that it happened.

“Here I was able to join scouts, I played basketball last year, and I can learn how to drive a car over the summer,” he said. “It’s the little things that I can do here that make me glad I moved here.”