Theft Leaves Teacher Uncertain About Food Sales

As you walk down the school hallway you will most likely hear someone say something along the lines of “I’m hungry.” However Most people find the school lunches to be miniscule and unfilling,
Teacher Mrs. Calderwood has made it her goal to make sure her students get the amount of food they desire, by selling snacks out of her class room.
“I do it because when you get here in the morning there is a long time before lunch and I feel like the students should be able to get a snack,” Calderwood said.
Her students seem to be very satisfied with her food sales,
“I find myself really hungry throughout the day,” Sophomore Will dutton said. “ It gives me something to look forward to incase my lunch doesn’t fill me up.”
Calderwood is also very happy about her sales,
“ I like that the students like what I am doing, there has been some theft, but other than it has gone great this first semester, I always break even money wise,” Calderwood said.
Calderwood’s business also seems to help students focus,
“Being able to get food and eat it as I work takes my mind off how hungry I am, and allows me to focus on my schoolwork” Dutton said.
Calderwood is uncertain if she will continue her business next semester,
“Since there has been some theft I am not sure if I am going to continue my food sales next semester,” Calderwood said.
The idea of Calderwood not selling food seems to be displeasing to her students,
“Mrs. Calderwood always has the food that I like,” Dutton said. “Her not selling because people don’t respect her service enough to pay realt saddens me but I would understand it.”
With students stealing from Calderwood most can see why she would be cautious about doing it again next semester,
“I am still not sure wether or not I will sale,” Calderwood said.”But I hope people can understand why if I choose not to.”