Cheerleaders play big role in HoCo 2k15

Seniors Brayden Hosman, Holly Davis, Steven Hinshaw, Kylah Comley, Zane Nichols, and Hannah Hendricks play a game at the homecoming pep rally.

Falling to a quick 22-0 deficit, the crowd at the 2015 homecoming game slowly lost hope for the 2-1 Black Bears. But when the Bears made some big stops and started to score in the second half, things were starting to change and thoughts about the previous week started to help revitalize the energy in Smisor Stadium.

“At first when we were losing 22-0, I thought we were done for,” senior Sarah Stallings said. “Once we got within 8 points, I knew we would make a comeback and finish off homecoming week on a high note.”

The cheerleaders, lead by senior Jody Gunther, organized themes like no other spirit week we’ve had at SHS before.

“Some of my ideas obviously came from Pinterest, I’m a big pinterester,” Gunther said. “I would also think back to all of my spirit weeks at Scott City and here at Sterling, and combine certain aspects that I really liked. The idea for the class competitions came out of the blue, and I think that people participated and it was the best spirit week experience I had, which is what I wanted, it being my senior year.”

Throughout the week themes included: FANatic day, salad dressing day, class color day, elderly day, and black bear spirit day.

“Dressing up and just being different for a week, and knowing that was okay was really cool,” sophomore Taya Wilson said.

The senior class took the spirit week competition title, followed by the sophomores, juniors, and at the bottom of the pack, the freshman.

“Spirit week was memorable, and a little sad,” senior Baylee Maskil said. “I was hoping the seniors would win, because we are the seniors.”

The cheerleaders, along with the help of StuCo also prepared the games for the candidates and members of the student body.

“The pep assembly games were a lot of fun. It gave everyone a chance to have a good time and to laugh at each other’s craziness,” sophomore Katie Comley said.

Dr. Anderson, along with the fall sports coaches helped set the mood for the homecoming game that evening.

“I was just thinking about our football team and Tyson [Bauerle] and all of the stories I’ve heard about him jumping up on desks and getting people fired up,” principal and athletic director Bill Anderson said.

Before the Bears could take on the Haven Wildcats on the gridiron, a King and Queen had to be crowned.

“It’s really cool in the fact that Holly and I have been friends for a long time,” senior Brayden Hosman said. “I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to be by my side.”

Despite a slow start Junior Joel White put the Black Bears on the scoreboard scoring the Bears’ first touchdown of the game late in the 2nd quarter.

Coach Bauerle and his assistants were able to redirect the bears focus in the locker room which lead to another touchdown from White, one from junior Edward Weiner and one late in the 4th quarter from sophomore Kenan Comley. The Bears were then leading 26-22 with minutes left in the game.

“I knew that we could make stops and score the football throughout the whole game, but but we didn’t execute until the second half,” junior Joel White said.

The Haven Wildcats had a chance to take the lead with a 1:13 left on a wide open pass to wide receiver Ruben Romero, but the pass fell incomplete, and the Black Bears ran the clock down to finish the homecoming game 3-1.

“From day one, we’ve been a brotherhood,” Comley said. “We’re a family on the field and off the field. We came on the field and did what we needed to do as a family. I have full trust in this team.”

The excitement from the previous night’s win continued into the dance at Studio 96 on Saturday evening.

“After everything with Student Council was taken care of, I was ready to have fun with my friends and make the most of my senior homecoming,” senior Jessica Ricker said. “I was really proud of our boys for winning on Friday, and I think it brought a lot of energy to the dance.”

Although it took a lot of effort to pull off a homecoming week to remember, StuCo’s hard work payed off, for many students felt like they had one of the best weeks they will have all school year.

“Homecoming was so much fun because the entire school and community was completely behind it,” freshman Cooper Galyon said. “This was no doubt one of the best weeks of my life.”

 By Lindsay Gilmore and Kylah Comley

Seniors Brayden Hosman, Holly Davis, Steven Hinshaw, Kylah Comley, Zane Nichols, and Hannah Hendricks play a game at the homecoming pep rally.
Seniors Brayden Hosman, Holly Davis, Steven Hinshaw, Kylah Comley, Zane Nichols, and Hannah Hendricks play a game at the homecoming pep rally.