Spring plays feature new talent in roles

The 2016 spring plays at Sterling High School featured many new faces alongside some of the more seasoned actors at SHS.

Director Rebeckah Wagley chose two one-act shows for the spring performances. Senior Kaci Wilson starred in “Miss Nelson is Missing” and juniors Niki Dowell, Dallas Lackey, Preston Nichols and Maddie Wagley starred in “That’s Not How I Remember It.”

“I thought the plays went very well, especially for the amount of young people that were in them,” Dowell said.

While lead roles went to some more experienced actors, many supporting roles were filled by first-timers.

“At first it was really nerve-wracking, and I was really scared I was going to mess up a lot,” freshman McKiah San Miguel said. “Once we got to showtime I was more excited and really confident in myself.”

Both shows were performed on two nights, Thursday, March 31 and Saturday, April 2.

“The opening night people [of the audience] were more energetic and inolved,” Nichols said. “I feel like the second night, there were less people there and it was a tougher crowd. It was harder to keep our energy up. Most people were worn out already from a music festival earlier in the day.”

Audience members were quick to praise the younger actors in their roles, saying that they were impressed at their abilities and can’t wait to see them perform in the future.

“I was very impressed by Dalton Stewart. He had me laughing the whole time,” senior Holly Davis said. “All of them worked really well with each other which made for a great show.”

With the upperclassmen leading the way, both shows garnered plenty of acclaim. Senior Sydney Wilson won the SHS best supporting actress award for her role as Jane, Lola’s Mom.

“Sydney did a very good job playing a mother excited for her daughter. It was an honor to be fake married to her,” junior Max Fulbright, who played Lola’s Dad, said. “We have been counterparts for three years now in spring plays, and it’s been a lot of fun working with her.”