Harrison Randolph about his License Plate Business

Harisson Randolph, senior on Sterling High School, runs his own license plate business.


He runs his business mostly with Derek Schneider, a teacher for art and Graphic Design, in the art room, but sometimes they get help by the other students of the Graphic Design class. He is making the plates now since a year.


“The program that we use to make the things for the laser is in the art room.”he said,” Derek Schneider said it would be the best to do it there and I was already in the class.”


Randolph is really enjoying Graphic Design. And having another outlet for Graphic Design makes it really fun for him. But having fun is not the only thing why he is doing this.


“Friday night, the preview night for football, we have set up a stand and we sold over 15 license plates.”,Randolph said.


To know what he has to do, the people can fill out pre-orders, where they can order them, so that he and Schneider exactly know what to make.


“It is important because we have four Default plates and then they can also do custom one, as long as it gets on adobe illustrator, the program we use to illustrate them.”, he said.


One license plate takes about 30 minutes and they use the lasers to cut out the license plates, but that is not everything.


“The default license plates are two different colors, silver and black, and so we have to cut two to interchange the parts to have a contrast” he said”then we match the pieces and we use double tape to stick them backwards together.”

They are doing also a logo for the fire department and they will do one for home lumber.


“They reach out to us and ask via email if we can make their logos” he said.


If they do the costume ones, like home lumber’s logo they have to use different colors.


“But it doesn’t makes it really harder. We just had to order green color, but it makes not really harder.” he said.


Handling the money is not a problem either for Randolph. They have an account were all the money goes.


“We have an account in the school and we give all the money to Pam in the office and the puts it in our account” he said.


Whenever Randolph needs to order new license plates they just fill out a form and they just give it to Pam and she does the rest. But a problem in this business is that Randolph is a senior already.


“I’ll go away for college and then i’ll too far away from the lasers. So I think it is something I will not continue.” he said.
But as long as he stays on this school, he will continue it.