Cross country with good season start

Mr.  Dan Whisler, Cross country coach and teacher, about his cross country team and the new season 2016.


Cross country is one of the extraordinary sports.


“The meets are unique.” he said,”in a lot of sports you have two teams they are playing each other. One team wins and one team loses. When we go to a cross country meet there are maybe five, ten or fifteen teams involved.”


Cross country is a sport, that grows in his popularity. This year the cross country team got many new freshmen.


“At the moment we have four seniors that have been providing leadership, but also a lot of young runners who are gaining more and more experience from week to week”, Mr. Whisler said.


Cross country sounds easy. Just to run a few miles every week, but indeed, it is really hard.


“When it cools down it is definitely easier to run, so we try to run in summer early in the morning, because after school we have to put up with whatever the weather is.” he said.


They had a couple of days early in the season where they run twice a day.


“But it feels better to run now when the weather gets cooler.” Mr. Whisler said.


But cross country is not all about the weather. It is from time to time dangerous and you can hurt yourself. For example Max Dutton and Debbie Schmidt.


“ We had a few injuries.” he said” some athletes had to set some meetings out and kinda let the bodies heal.”


The coach has great goals for his team, so the athletes should be fit.


“We look ahead” Mr. Whisler said” We are getting ready to host our home meet and then reach regional goals and hopefully qualify for state. So it would be nice to see getting everybody healthy when it matters the most.”


The cross country team’s highest finish was a third place, but they also had a number of medalists this season.


“We are making progress” he said.” the young runners are getting physically and mentally stronger every week.”


The actual training season for cross country starts in the middle of august.


“But one of the things I stress is that you cannot be a successful runner without training” Mr. Whisler said” so the runners who want to go to state run almost 300 miles over the summer.”
There is more behind cross country than just running a few miles and it is physically really hard for the athletes who participate this sport, but in spite of everything they had a good start in the new season.