Teacher and their after-school hobbies

Mrs. Robin Webb, Math teacher at our School, started teaching math in fall 1997 at the McPherson middle school from 6th to 8th grade. She started teaching at Sterling High School in fall 2003 and is teaching Geometry, Algebra II, and College Algebra and Calculus with Dual Credit. But teaching is not everything in her daily routine, there is more.

The school ends for all students and teachers at 3:15, except for those who participate in extracurricular activities. Mrs. Webb is not a trainer or coach, but her school day is not ending at 3:15.

“Usually I stay and get some work done and some grading”, she says, “But I have three kids so sometimes they have activities.”

That means for her that Mrs. Webb has to leave school by 3:30 or 3:45.

“Which is a little earlier than I would like to, because I have to take them to dance or piano classes”, she says, “So after school I am normally running around with my kids to their activities.”

But that is not everything after school. Carrying around their children to their activities takes time, but when she is finally at home, there are other things to do. Normal things which have to be done every day.

“Making dinner and getting stuff like this started takes time also”, Mrs Webb says, “but if I have time for myself I like to read a book. One of my hobbies is also scrapbooking, but I usually don’t do that during the week, because I do not have enough time for that.”

But don’t think that’s it for the week. There are also weekends and children who do sports or stuff like that have to get to competitions like basketball and that kind of things.

“Sometimes we do more stuff around our house and get some yard work done” Mrs. Webb says “We had a garden in the summer and that has to be mowed.”

There is also a very important thing for every American family. Hanging out with friends on Sundays or just meet the family and doing activities all together. And then there is every Sunday church. That means there is not much time to prepare classes or anything like that.

“I would like to have more hours in one day, so I could just relax and read a book or just do stuff in my scrapbook.” she says, “but I do not mind to chasing after my children either. I just love them and to do things with them together.”

That means there is another life after school and not just teaching children and help them struggling through Calculus and Algebra II. Mrs. Webb is also a loving mother with hobbies and children she loves. And even if she wishes to have more time to read or scrap she enjoys being a teacher and to do stuff with her family.