Lacking in 6th Man support

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Over the years, our student section has made a gradual rise in the amount of effort, people, and school spirit. We need to have more school spirit and support for our Black Bears.
During our football season there was rarely a “big” student section, with the exception of a few “big” games, such as our homecoming game. Although there wasn’t a designated area for our student section during football season, our student body should’ve come and support the Black Bears.
I believe we should have had a better student section during football, and as a cheerleader, it was frustrating to cheer to a section of roughly 10 people at each game. All the students who participated gave a great amount of effort, but there is more to the high school than them.
As basketball season progresses, our student section has undeniably been improving. The first home basketball game this year had a huge improvement from last season’s first home game. I was very impressed about the amount of students that showed up. The student body followed through with the theme that was established and the amount of effort given without the influence from cheerleaders for the game was great. A section like this is what Sterling High needs more of in years to come.
While it is steadily growing, it needs to continue. Last year, Eric Wenzel and his marketing class motivated students with free t-shirts launched from a t-shirt cannon. Although giving out t-shirts is great, students need to make sure they are attending to support the team, not themselves.
The purpose behind the student section is to cheer on the Black Bears and show them our support for their win or loss. If we continue to make this rise, we can expect to have an equal or better quality of a student section in years to come.