Let the blessings pour down

Loranne McNutt

During the summer of 2016, Loranne McNutt discovered an odd lump in one of her breasts. Thinking lightly of it, she went to the doctor to check up on things. On Sept. 12, McNutt’s test results came back positive.

“It’s definitely been tough,” Loranne said.

Having breast cancer is difficult, but it should be considered that it is hard for one to watch someone go through cancer. McNutt’s daughter, senior Sophia McNutt, is experiencing this.

“I look at it like, ‘I have a short amount of time left with my mom’. I’ve definitely been looking towards the more negative side,” Sophia said.

Since having a double mastectomy, a procedure that includes removing all the breast tissue, Loranne has had to be treated with chemotherapy to ensure the riddance of all cancer cells.

“I am feeling a little light-headed from the chemo, but negative side effects were expected,” Loranne said.

Despite the physical setbacks, Loranne has kept her mind focused on the humorous side of the situation.

“The doctors have told me that I’m going to lose my hair,” she said. “Well, I figure I’ll rock bald like I rocked the hairnet.”

According to Loranne, her goal to stay positive is fueled by inspiration.

“It is scary, but I’m inspired by all the help I’m getting,” she said. “People really do care about me.”

Loranne’s inspiration comes from a wide variety of people, all of whom are living in this community.

“I grew up with the people in this community,” she said. “They’re surrounding me, supporting me through this. It definitely makes you appreciate a small town.”

Being enveloped in a community that is as tight-knit as Sterling is, Loranne has reopened her eyes to what life truly is about.

“The ‘I got this, you got this, we got this’ mantras really personify Sterling. You’re not alone here,” she said. “And, really anywhere you go, God has you in his hands.”

During her trek through cancer, Loranne has been able to refine her faith.

“It brings you closer to God,” Loranne said. “You can be angry at God, but ultimately, it’s God that gets you through it.”

Looking towards her future, Loranne has set in plans she hopes to achieve.

“I look forward to coming back to be a para for my students,” she said. “When this is all said and done, I need some ocean. There’s just something healing about it.”

Loranne is grateful for all of the help that has been given to her, and expresses her thanks to everyone.

“I really just want to say thank you to everyone,” she said. “Everyone has been a huge help. I truly am blessed.”