2017-18 Student Publications staff announced

— Updated 11:28 a.m., April 19, 2017 —

The Sterling High School Student Publications Department will once again be offering multiple products for the 2017-18 school year. These products include The Cub yearbook and the monthly, student-produced newsmagazine, which is called The Cub Reporter. Also, the students will be contributing to the Sterling Student Publications website and other, new online offerings.

In order to be on the staff of either The Cub or The Cub Reporter, students had to apply to be a part of Student Publications. That’s because it is Varsity Journalism and isn’t like a regular class. There is a lot of out-of-class time that students must commit to taking part of in order to have a successful publication. The following students have been selected to be on staff (grade level refers to next school year):

The Cub Yearbook:

  1. Raegan Mantz, senior
  2. Morgan Anderson, junior
  3. Grace Rowland, junior
  4. Kaylie Zimmerman, junior
  5. Shelby Drier, sophomore
  6. Abby Riffel, sophomore
  7. Courtney Ball, freshman
  8. Shawna Britton, freshman
  9. Lucas Gilmore, freshman

The Cub Reporter Newsmagazine:

  1. Taya Wilson, senior
  2. Morgan Anderson, junior
  3. Natalie Nichols, junior
  4. Grace Rowland, junior
  5. McKiah San Miguel, junior
  6. Andy Norez, junior
  7. Kaylie Zimmerman, junior

Even though there are two separate staff listings, Student Publications is considered one group that produces two different products. It will still be a team. Almost like you have an offense and defense in football. Both portions of the squad make up the entire team.

Editors for the publications will be announced at a later date, so check back soon for updates.