Sterling Welcomes Foreign Exchange Student

Like many other schools, the hosting of foreign exchange students seems completely normal. This year being no different at Sterling High School, welcoming exchange student, Maresa Baus. Baus comes from Herford Germany at town of 75,000 people.

When meeting new people it is natural to feel anxious, but try imagine traveling across the world by yourself at only 15 years old.

“It is hard coming here and not knowing people, Baus said. “Not having that connection of knowing each other for a long time is hard, but the first night I was here I got to met new people so it kinda made it easier.”

Moving to new places can be exciting, but with anything new brings different and unusual things, especially coming from across the globe.

“The school is very different here than Germany,” Baus said. “Normally our school stops at 1 p.m. and here I’m staying until 6 p.m.  sometimes because of volleyball. It is also weird with sports, because in Germany we just have school and if you wanted to play at sport you would have to join a club.”

In Germany Baus is used to playing tennis but decided to play volleyball to try new things.

“I really like playing volleyball because it is different from anything that I have ever done,” Baus said. “One of the reasons I like volleyball is it is similar to tennis because it is a team sport. You can feel like you’re responsible on your own so you can say it’s my fault but really it’s our fault and it’s the same in tennis.”

Despite all the exciting things America brings being across the world from your family can be hard to adjust too.

“It’s is really weird to not be around my family,” Baus said. “Sometimes I had little discussions with my little brother and now I miss it. When you are in the moment you think, ‘I don’t wanna have little a brother,’ but when you don’t have a little brother it’s sad because I miss him.”

Besides missing Germany, Baus is enjoying her time in America and most specifically in Sterling.

“I love living in Sterling because of the people,” Baus said. “Everyone knows each other and they are so friendly. I love that it is so different and I’m just glad I get to experience it.”