Brushes Of Greatness

High School offers many opportunities for students but not as many as we like to admit. Many students find hobbies outside of school, some right inside of their bedrooms, staring at a big lit up mirror. For freshman Shawna Britton that’s where she prefers to be.

“I was never an athletic person, I found it more calming to do my makeup than sports, doing my makeup is less stressful overall.”

Makeup has been a big part of Shawna’s life ever since she was eight years old. Outside of school, she didn’t go straight to practice like the average high school student, Shawna spent her time making art.

Makeup isn’t only about looking pretty to Shawna, makeup is a way for her to show her creativity and to express herself with different looks. Some people might think of makeup as an easy hobby but in the makeup world it can take a toll on your sleeping schedule.

“ I get up at 5:00 every morning and usually get done around 7:00-7:30, two and a half hours depending on what I wanna do.”

The only time Shawna’s busy makeup schedule allows her to sleep in, is on the weekends.

“My weekends mostly consists of eyebrows and mascara,’’ Britton said.

Not only does makeup take up your time, it also puts a pretty big dent in your bank account. Most Makeup artists usually make back what they spend, but for Shawna being an unpaid worker at the age of 14 can be an expensive hobby.

“I’ve probably spent around a grand since the beginning of my hobby which started in the third grade.”

After Shawna’s bank account recovers she wastes no time before making another trip to her all time favorite makeup store, Sephora, to pick up some of her favorite brands like Jeffree Star, Kat Von D, Too Faced and many more.

Of course Shawna has her own special way of doing things, she’s very specific when it comes to doing her makeup.

“In the mornings I start off by washing my face, and then usually I take out out my flat top brush and I put my primer on it and then I prime my face.”

Many people think doing your makeup is a simple process, but Shawna states that there’s a couple steps before you can start in with the fun.

“After priming my face I go and wet my beauty blender and then go and get my foundation and blend that into my skin. After that I powder my face for a while and then go to begin to contour.”

Many steps are involved to get Shawna’s finished product. Other steps not mentioned include blush, highlight, eyes, mascara. She’s also very particular when it comes to her lipsticks.

“If I’m wearing red lipsticks I will start off with lining my lips and if I’m wearing any other kind I don’t. I usually wear matte lipsticks because I hate lip gloss products, and then I finish my look off with favorite setting spray Mac Fix +.

Even though being bold comes with a cost Shawna wouldn’t trade her makeup life for anything.

“I think people should do whatever they think looks good on them, or what they like. Makeup expresses how you feel and you shouldn’t care about what others think, you should just roll it off your shoulder and be yourself.”