Seniority. Misused and Over Rated.

Seniority. Google defines this word as the fact or state of being older or higher in position or status than someone else. This is often a misused word in the halls of Sterling High School as seniors and even upperclassmen use it beyond its place. Of course, a certain level of seniority should be apparent when it comes to privileges in class, but, other than that, it’s often just a word.
Teachers also use seniority in their classrooms, which is okay until it becomes ill-used. For example, our plays and musicals have always been outstanding, but often I find the people playing certain parts unfit for those roles. These roles are based solely off of seniority rather than talent. A freshman very well could be better than a senior but for the sake of seniority, the senior would receive this part. Another time when seniority is present in the classroom setting is in band. On rare occasions, seniors will be given solos and/or higher chair positions just based off of their grade level in High School. If someone can play better than another, the privileges should given to the more talented. This overall, may not be entirely true, but in my three years in Sterling High School it is what I have observed.
In my years as a freshman and sophomore, I have observed the girls using seniority more than the boys. It has almost become obsessive as these girls feel entitled to anything and everything. The most infuriating thing to me is the “right” for bus seats. Upperclassmen seem to feel entitled to move people out of seats just for the fact that they want to sit in the back or around their friends. Yes, moving people out of seats is okay when there are no seats available for an upperclassman, so, in that case, underclassmen should double up on seats. This has also happened in small things, such as a place in line or who gets to go first.Don’t get me wrong, seniority should be allowed under certain circumstances, but it has slowly become abused and overused. So if you snooze, you lose.